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What is a dress shirt

With seemingly endless variations in color, fit, fabric, collar types, and cuff designs, the dress shirt exemplifies the best of classic yet personalized style. Its design versatility is one of its greatest appeals. But it also raises the question: What exactly is a dress shirt?
There are clear unifying features that define a dress shirt. At its most traditional, a dress shirt features a stiff collar, button-up front, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs. With the right detailing, a dress shirt is the height of elegant formal wear for both men and women. However, variations on this familiar theme can transform a dress shirt from formal to casual or sports wear, such as choosing an Oxford weave over finely woven cotton or a loose collar over a stiff collar.
JMESHIRTS gives you the opportunity to fully customize the material, shape, and detailing of your shirts to suit your needs. Read our guides on the anatomy of a dress shirt and the meaning of each design decision you make. We’re here to help you realize your vision.

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Perfection in details

How to make Dress Shirts

We’ve been in the business of making high quality dress shirts for over half a century. Every step that goes into making your custom creations is precise with utmost attention to detail. Read about the steps involved in making a dress shirt.
Fabric selection: JMESHIRTS only handles the very best cotton fabrics, including Oxfords, Selvedge Chambray, Cotton Poplins, Twills, Gingham Checks, and thousands of other quality materials.
We carefully choose the best materials to match your design brief. Formal or traditional shirt designs usually call for high thread cottons while more casual wear suits fabrics such as Plain Oxfords. You’ll get expert information and advice, whatever your design vision.

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Founded in 1963, JMESHIRTS has built a reputation for trust and excellence in shirt manufacturing for over half a century. We personally construct every piece with top quality craftsmanship, materials, and stitching. That’s why our loyal customer base comes from all across the globe.

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