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Founded in 1963, JMESHIRTS has built a reputation for trust and excellence in shirt manufacturing for over half a century. We personally construct every piece with top quality craftsmanship,materials, and stitching. That’s why our loyal customer base comes from all across the globe.

Who are our customers?

We work with individuals and businesses looking to manufacture their own line of dress or casual shirts. While our factory has a sizable production capacity, we also service very low minimum orders perfectly suited to smaller or niche businesses.
JMESHIRTS services a minimum order of 150 shirts (with the option of 3 different designs and 3 fabric choices for sets of 50 shirts). Our facility is also large enough to produce 20,000 shirts a month.

Why work with us

Experience complete control over your products by dealing directly with the people who make them. You get fully customized men’s or women’s shirts with designs, materials, and branding exactly to your specifications. We closely monitor every step of the process for quality control and take responsibility for our creations. Our service mentality sets us apart.
You receive shirts of the highest quality materials, whatever your order volume. JMESHIRTS only handles the very best cotton fabrics, including Oxfords, Selvedge Chambray, Cotton Poplins, Twills, Gingham Checks, and thousands of other design choices. Browse our online gallery to view popular selections.


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Looking to design and manufacture a line of quality shirts? Require uniforms for your organization? Contact us with enquiries, orders, or design specifications. We’re happy to have a chat or answer any questions.