Types of Collars

When choosing a collar, every detail makes an impact on a shirt’s overall style. Variations in length,shape, or size of any part can transform a shirt from formal to casual or from traditional to modern.Read our guide on the different types of collars you can choose from.

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Pointed:The distance between the collar points is small. This gives a classy, traditional look.
Standard: A standard length and width between the points. A style that looks good with most shirt designs.
Semi-spread: The collar points are slightly wider than the standard one.
Wide spread: The spread between collar points is around 100 degrees. Best worn with a larger necktie knot.
Horizontal: An even wider spread. Expresses confidence and class.
Cutaway: Tilting slight upwards, the spread is more than 180 degrees. Mostly worn with formal suits.
Spread: A collar spread refers to the distance between the two collar points


Round:The points of the collar are a rounded shape. Very distinct style most often worn as elegant wear.
Wing collar: The most formal of the lot that’s a tight fit around the neck area. Flaps protruding from the front resemble small wings.
Buttoned-down: Buttons secure the collar leaf to the body of the shirt. A very casual or sporty look that can be worn without a tie.