Types of cuffs

There are many varieties of cuffs to choose from, eachwith its own distinct style and function. Select a visualprofile that perfectly suits the look you want to create.


Small:The most common type of cuff with slightlyrounded corners. Suits most shirt styles. Can have a morecasual or relaxed feel.

Middle:Features a rounder curve than the small cuff.

Large:The largest curve of the lot. Suitable for wearingwith closed buttons.

Angled:The corners are cut at a diagonal angle. Perfectfor looking sharp in professional settings.

Straight:The least common type with completelystraight edges. Looks neat and modern.


Napolitan: Also known as a Milanese or “James Bondcuff’, this style features a cuff that’s turned back and fastened by buttonson the inner side. Gives a distinct and classy feel.

Cone: Cuffs in a cone rather than cylindrical shape. Perfect for a moreformal or decorative style.

French cuffs (square): Straiaght-edged cuffs that are held together withcuff links instead of buttons. Suitable for formal occasions.French cuffs (round): Like a square French cuff but with curved corneredges. Gives a softer look.

Number of buttons: One button is the standard. A shirt with two or threebuttons usually feature longer cuffs for a more formal look. French cuffshave no buttons and are the most traditional of the lot.