How To Make Dress Shirt

We’ve been in the business of making high quality dress shirts for over half a century. Every step that goes intomaking your custom creations is precise with utmost attention to detail. Read about the steps involved in making a dress shirt.

Fabric selection:JMESHIRTS only handles the very best cotton fabrics, including Oxfords, SelvedgeChambray, Cotton Poplins, Twills, Gingham Checks, and thousands of other quality materials.We carefully choose the best materials to match your design brief. Formal or traditional shirt designs usually callfor high thread cottons while more casual wear suits fabrics such as Plain Oxfords. You’ll get expert informationand advice, whatever your design vision.


Preparation: After you make detailed design choices, guided by our expert tailors, we create and cut out paperpatterns. These images are then fitted over fabric with exact proportions adjusted.

Construction: Our experienced team of tailors assembles your pieces with the finest stitching and sewinginstruments. We take extra care with the delicate steps involved in creating the buttonholes and fusing the collar and cuffs. Our shirts are ultimately built to last.

Finish: After putting the finishing touches, we gently wash and iron every shirt ready for the final phase. Yourorder is then packed and shipped with the finest quality guarantee.